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The Philosophical Shower

Water is an element that we simply cannot do without. For generations it has held a fascination for us as we seek to harness its power and to ensure that we have a sustainable supply to enable us to live our lives the way we want to. We have become so accustomed to running water in our homes that we are simply not focused on how important it can be. It is only when the supply is interrupted for some reason that we get to understand its true consequence. 

Water can certainly make us feel better as well as sustaining and nourishing our bodies. We are used to taking a refreshing shower each day as we get ready for work, or when we are about to retire for the evening. It’s not surprising that we should pay so much attention to how we configure this part of our daily regimen and we are now seeing sophisticated bathrooms and showers pop up to cope with these discerning demands. This is why Landons Wet Room Show Rooms are gaining popularity.

Originally conceived in Scandinavia the philosophy is that the shower actually becomes the entire bathroom, with little in the way of segregation. Rather than having to physically step into a bathtub or open a door and step into a cubicle, the shower is accessible without restriction. This gives us a marvellous sense of freedom and there is something especially invigorating about taking a shower in these circumstances. 

There are many different possible designs available, therefore there is a perfect style for any shape or sized bathroom. You have to ensure that fundamentally the room is configured properly so that the correct angles and slopes are initiated. Remember that water will flow to the lowest point in accordance with gravity, and you need to ensure that the running water finds its way to the appropriate drains without any issue. It’s also important to ensure that you have a 100% watertight barrier all around the flooring and this requires some quite specialised technical work to ensure that you have no problems at all going forward. 

Often, designers and home-owners choose to have a minimalist approach to the configuration of their wet rooms. You will often see a very contemporary approach. Due to the lack of separating walls, cubicles or other surfaces you will ordinarily be able to store or display a great deal more. You can make your shower room/bathroom very functional, without any of that feeling of claustrophobia. 

If you have an en suite bathroom with no door in between the bedroom and the bathroom, for example, you can enjoy an even greater sense of freedom with this type of approach, if you want to know More About Wetrooms that use this technique. So long as your specialist workmen make sure that the drainage and insulation are first-class and that the room is properly ventilated, you can look forward to enjoying this very cutting-edge approach to showering in your home for the foreseeable future. Furthermore, you will have something to show off to all your envious friends and neighbours whenever they come around to visit

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